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In January 2021, Beaufort Jasper Comprehensive Health Services was awarded the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition Status by the National Center for Quality Assurance. Today, there are over 13,000 practices across the nation that have adopted this model of care. This recognition standard recognizes practices that demonstrate satisfactory performance against guidelines, and standards of care. In short-, this care model transforms how primary care is organized and delivered. Practices must utilize a structure of concepts, criteria, and competencies during the pursuit of this highly desired recognition standard. This was a massive undertaking by the Organization; each of our 8-centers worked in collaboration to develop tools to better meet the needs of our patients. There are six PCMH concept areas, each of which focuses on a different aspect of patient-centered care. The 6 concepts are Team-Based Care, Knowing and Managing Your Patients, Patient-Centered Access and Continuity, Care Management a Support, Care Coordination & Care Coordination, and Performance Measurement & Quality Improvement. In attaining this recognition, we developed patient-centered processes to help us keep our patients at the center of every aspect of the care we deliver. We are excited about this new recognition; we have transformed how we deliver care.

The PCMH model was designed to improve patient outcomes. What does this mean to our patients:
(1) Robust scheduling efforts by our Healthcare Information Team. We strive to schedule our patients for all internal services at the close of their encounter.
(2) Delivery of written care plans to patients that meet certain criteria.
(3) Access to same-day appointments at every center to meet your urgent care needs
(4) Treatment by a care team that conducts daily huddles and discusses your care before you arrive at your appointment
(5) Increased patient involvement in their treatment plan.
(6) Better patient outcomes

At BJHCHS, we are dedicated to providing care that meets our patient's needs.

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In remaining responsive to the ever-changing health care needs of our community, BJHCHS has expanded our facilities, programs, and services while never losing sight of our mission – To provide provide quality, affordable, accessible and comprehensive health care services to the South Carolina Low Country Community.

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