BJHCHS Pharmacies offer our patients a great benefit and truly enhance the comprehensive services offered by our health centers. Pharmacy services include dispensing medications, improving medication use by reducing the risk of adverse events, identifying drug therapy problems, helping patients understand their medications and treatment plans, and improving medication adherence. BJHCHS pharmacists are always willing to help with any questions you may have concerning your medications, health and well-being. An additional drug savings program may be available for patients that qualify based on established HRSA guidelines. Our pharmacists and technicians are dedicated to providing our patients the best possible care for the lowest possible price.

Do you Want to Save on Your Prescriptions?

Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Health Services Pharmacies have a large list of $4 and $10 prescriptions available and many over-the-counter medications that are $2 and $5. An additional drug savings program may be available for BJHCHS patients that qualify.

BJHCHS has 5 on-site pharmacies that are ONLY available for BJHCHS Patients.

BJHCHS Chelsea Pharmacy
719 N. Okatie HWY
Okatie, SC 29909

BJHCHS Hardeeville Pharmacy
552 Stiney Rd.
Hardeeville, SC 29936

BJHCHS Sheldon Pharmacy
211 Paige Point Rd.
Sheldon, SC 29941

BJHCHS Port Royal Pharmacy
1320 S. Ribaut Rd.
Port Royal, SC 29935

BJHCHS St. Helena Pharmacy
6315 Jonathan Francis Sr. Rd.
St. Helena, SC 29920

Our mission is to provide quality, affordable, accessible, and comprehensive health care services to the South Carolina Low Country Community.

Additional pick-up locations available at Estill, Hampton and Ridgeland BJHCHS Health Centers.