History of BJHCHS

  1. Beaufort Jasper Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (BJCHS) was organized to deliver comprehensive health services to residents of the socially and economically deprived residents of Beaufort & Jasper Counties
  2. BJCHS was incorporated in 1969
  3. OEO (Office of Economic Opportunity later becoming the Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare – Public Health Services) awarded BJCHS $754,373
  4. Implementation of the program
  5. Facilities
  6. Staff
  7. 1974 BJCHS under Federal mandate implemented a Financial Plan
  8. Reduce reliance on Federal funds
  9. Increase patient, local government, & other grant support
  10. 1999 received Ryan White funding. Since 2004 BJHCHS has averaged 218 active HIV patients per year.
  11. 1999 The Department of Health & Human Services approved expansion into Hampton County. Thus, BJCHS became BJHCHS (Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc